“We suffer more in imagination than in reality”–Seneca

Explore your inner

landscape through Coaching

About me as a Coach

I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), from the International Coaching Federation, and the Director of Continuing Coaching Education from ICF Colombia.

I have accumulated 750+ hours of coaching sessions and have worked with over 60 clients in 13 countries. I have cross-cultural work experience coaching software developers, wealth managers, Ph.D. professors, medical practitioners, real estate executives, creative artists, and social workers of all ages, races, and genders worldwide. I have coached employees from companies such as BlackRock, Abu Dhabi Investment Office, Proaltus Capital Partners S.L, LivaNova, Flame University, and Berklee College of Music. Many of my inquiry techniques are derived from mindfulness, socio-emotional intelligence, motivational interviewing, and non-violent communication. 

Who is it for?

  • Young executives, managers and leaders, who identify as citizens of the world.
  • Creative learners, or multidisciplinary growth seekers.
  • Remote Workers, and “Digital Nomads”.

You would benefit specially if: 

  • You struggle to balance out your ambitions with your personal well-being and relationships.
  • You are seeking to develop healthy masculinity.
  • You have childhood wounds and health difficulties.
  • You are an introvert.

As a coach, I am in the business of asking questions that explore the possibilities that lie within in order to get you to higher levels of resourcefulness. My expertise lies in listening deeply, and holding a space free of judgment to inquire about your worldview and identity.

My coaching enhances awareness at the level of attitudes, perceptions, and motivations (what drives you, how you perceive yourself, and how you think and speak).

Additionally, it nurtures cognitive flexibility (continually developing more effective modes of thinking) and polarity thinking (holding multiple contrasting perspectives simultaneously).

    What are the benefits of working with me?

      • Widen perception by strengthening the mind-body connection. This will make you a more powerful observer of the dynamics between your triggers and unconscious reactions. 
      • Create alignment between how you think, behave, and communicate by gaining a deeper understanding of personal values and ethics. This enables you to redesign your identity beyond your assumed limitations.
      • Develop emotional intelligence (how to self-regulate) and relational intelligence (how to relate to others and how to manage the way others relate to us).
      • Illuminate stress patterns and debilitating belief systems, facilitating decision-making and strategic planning.
      • Obtain stability during life transitions, heal from emotional wounds and find words to what your consciousness is yearning for.

    My Personal Coaching Model

    “Potential is realized by optimizing our own individuality and uniqueness, never by molding it to another’s opinion of what constitutes best.”


    • “What creates concern, struggle or incoherence?”

    • “How is it manifesting in your body?”
    • “What part of your identity is asking for change?” 


    • “What are the roots of the unresolved feelings?
    • “What are the driving beliefs?”
    • “Is there a conflict of values?”
    • “What are the hopes and sorrows?”
    • “What is the conversation that has been avoided?”


    • “What is needed to restore homeostasis?”
    • “What muscle in your character needs to be exercised?”
    • “What is being announced as in need of repair?”

    How does my life experience prepare me?

    • I am certified ICF coach, trained in India by Regal Unlimited, under the supervision of Subash CV (MCC) and Rehka Hatkanagalekar (MCC). Additionally, I obtained my PCC training as an ontological coach in Axon Training, Argentina, under the supervision of Paula Arigos (MCC). 
    • I am a professional musician, graduated from Berklee College of Music (B.M), and former presidential scholar from Longy school of music (MM). Additionally, I have a specialization on therapeutic music for caregiving facilities (MHTP certified).
    • I am a certified Yoga Alliance Teacher (RYT200) with a background in martial arts (Tae-Kwon-Do’s black belt) and calisthenics.
    • I am a meditation teacher and Buddhist practitioner. I have done multiple retreats at Insight Meditation Society (IMS) and Barre Center of Buddhist Studies (BCBS) including the 16-month program “Exploring the Heart of Freedom”.
    • I am a salsa and bachata dance instructor with over 4 years of experience. 
    • I am a nonfiction writer and lifelong student of neuroscience, western psychotherapy, history, positive psychology, philosophy, and spirituality.


    I have lived in 5 different countries (Colombia, France, US, India, Italy) and have had cross-cultural work experience with clients from  India, Indonesia, Colombia, Ukraine, Guatemala, the United States, United Arab Emirates, UK, Australia, Germany, Spain, Nigeria and Kenya.

    Areas of coaching I specialize on: 

    • Health and Wellness Coaching
    • Leadership Development
    • Executive Coaching 

    Flexible pricing based on your age, profession and country

    If you are ready to start your coaching journey, schedule a preliminary call 👇 


    What my clients have said…

      I greatly enjoyed my experience working with Santi in coaching. He not only accommodated my unique needs, he provided lots of insightful support. He asked questions that helped uncover the core root of the problem, & always challenged me to dig deeper. He is patient, thoughtful, and very professional. I would highly recommend working with Santi. He helped me discover a new perspective, and working with him was a game changing move & helped me to get to where I am today.


      Boston, US

      Santi is an amazing coach. He’s a phenomenal listener and tries to help me figure things out on my own. I was struggling to “find my voice”, and was unable to share my perspectives in public. After working with him, I feel extremely comfortable speaking in conferences. He was a positive addition to my life. I’m glad I hired him!


      Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

      Santiago is very knowledgeable and super passionate about self-improvement! He’s well-read on a wide variety of studies, methods, and strategies. With a deep understanding of how each person has different priorities/goals/beliefs/experience, he helps direct you where you want to go, in a way that resonates with you, as an individual.

      I’ve been working with Santiago for a few months and have grown tremendously since. He’s personally helped me with building the skills to plan and break down projects and goals, improve my physical health, manage stress and anxiety, and how to thoughtfully make big life decisions.

      Santiago is young and yet has so much to offer to get the most out of life. He’s very flexible with rates and is just beginning what will be a long career of helping others!


      Boston, US

      Santiago has created a beautiful space for reflection and exploration that has served me quite well in my search of understanding and progression of the self! Not only does Santiago allow for very flexible sessions, his willingness to go above and beyond to understanding and aiding your needs creates a much needed space that therapy and psychiatric help alone might not fulfill. It’s my belief that the tools that Santiago provides are very much needed in todays time, and while other outside help is still important, the addition of the tools that your very own personal coach provides will help you hold yourself accountable and reach your desired goals, all of which is paramount to ones fastidious progress. I implore that anyone who is serious about seeking change and transformation to reach out and take a few sessions to see what this is all about. Santiago’s help will certainly allow you to zero-in on cruxes and help you overcome them!


      Florida, US

      I worked with Santi for several months and it was an enlightening experience. He is very patient and has the skills to make you do the heavy lifting without you even realizing it. It definitely helped me a lot to build trust in myself.


      Mumbai, India

      I reached out to Santi in times of much uncertainty and anxiousness. I was very lucky to find in him huge support and practical tools to overcome life’s challenges. His willingness to be someone that will listen attentively to you without any judgement makes you feel in a safe space, and gives you the courage to open up and understand yourself on a deeper level. Our sessions were deeply calm and helpful, and I can confidently recommend him as an unconditional and professional coach.


      London, England

      Santi is an awesome coach and has been the guide behind several breakthroughs for me personally. I can’t believe how wise he is and his patience and insights boost my absolute confidence in recommending him. He has a light nudge approach which is remarkable in how it provokes reflection. Talking with him has this magical impact in creating change for life. The perceptions generated by these conversations can spark an understanding that just isn’t possible without an astute interlocutor like him! He is truly sorted and an inspiration to the rest of us on how to simplify what is important and live a good life.


      Pune, India

      Back in October, I felt like I had no direction in my life. My compass was going in circles and I couldn’t really put together my thoughts as I had a million going over my mind. I opted to have some sessions with Santiago and I was astonished by how much change I had in only 3 sessions. Through small tasks that I had to do in my own time and pondering questions that Santiago asked me to ask myself, I was able to unravel a lot of what I internally needed and desired. Santiago doesn’t provide one with answers nor with advice, but with questions that only one can answer to oneself. His sessions are about being honest and transparent with oneself, with no filters. Investing some time with my thoughts, and even writing them down, made me realize I had lots of purposes in life as well as many accomplishments that I didn’t give myself enough credit for. His help and his sessions were eye-opening to me. I’m infinitely grateful to him.


      New York, US

      Santiago’s sessions were so helpful to me in dealing with the stress and uncertainty as a result of COVID-19. He immediately puts you at ease and will encourage and motivate you so that you can be your best self! 


      Boston, US


      Lo que mis clientes han dicho…

        Santi es un faro que muchas veces necesitamos en nuestras vidas. Para mí ha sido un maestro que más allá de darme respuestas, me ha guiado para que yo mismo las descubra. Puedo decir con total honestidad que en cada sesión con Santi aprendí una cosa nueva que me llevo a entender quién soy y como puedo enfrentar lo que se viene.


        Medellin, Colombia

        La experiencia de coaching ha sido muy enriquecedora para mí. Antes de tener la oportunidad de hacer parte de estas conversaciones con Santi me sentía un poco perdido en mi carrera profesional, sentía que lo que venía haciendo no me llenaba y que esto me generaba una incertidumbre e inestabilidad no solo en mi carrera sino también a nivel personal. Hablar con Santi me permitió darme cuenta de los diferentes factores que me motivaban, darme un horizonte y un rumbo de que es lo que me hace feliz o lo que me mueve. Lo más interesante de hablar con Santi es que él solo me escucho y guio a través de preguntas, pero todo este proceso de conocerme y entenderme lo hice de forma personal gracias a su conocimiento y experiencia. Yo era de esas personas que pensaban que ir a un coach era algo un poco ridículo, pero hoy en día le agradezco a Santi porque gracias a las conversaciones que tuve con él pude encontrarme y tomar acciones y hoy puedo decir que encontré algo profesional que me motiva y me genera un valor que trasciende más allá de lo que había logrado inicialmente.


        Bogota, Colombia

        Considero que Barragan es una persona muy integra la cual escucha con atención y dirige la conversación de una manera natural. Las sesiones eran de cierta manera intensas porque habian muchos temas que abarcar y poco tiempo para hacerlo, sin embargo, fuimos capaces de centrar la conversación y sacar los puntos más importantes. Cada día después de las sesiones tenia “tareas” o temas pendientes en los cuales que tenia que trabajar durante la semana o entre las sesiones. Dichas tareas, eran trabajadas en la siguiente sesión, lo anterior hacia que hubiera un hilo conector entre sesiones y que hubiera progreso evidente entre sesiones.  En mi caso en concreto estaba buscando que aspectos de mi vida no estaban en línea con lo que yo proyectaba o queria para mi futuro, y poco a poco en cada sesión fuimos trabajando los diferentes aspectos que no tenía en línea. Al final de las sesiones salia muy contento y con ganas de que la semana transcurriera para poder poner en practica lo hablado / aprendido en las sesiones. Pude cumplir mis objetivos haciendo catarsis y un poco de retrospectiva de mi vida, parándome con una mayor frecuencia a pensar los aspectos de mi vida que no estaban en concordancia con lo que yo quería para un futuro. Me gustaría que más gente pudiera conocerlo no solo como amigo si no como el profesional que es. Recomendado 100%, cada minuto es un aprendizaje increible que ojalá más personas tuvieran la oportunidad de invertir un poco de su tiempo en sus sesiones.

        Juan Sebastian

        Madrid, España

        Mi experiencia con el coaching de Santi ciertamente ha marcado mi vida y traido cambios muy positivos a mi día a día. Me ha ayudado a descubrir cosas de mí mismo que tal vez me costaba ver pero también a descubrir como explotar todo mi potencial y dar mi mejor version ante muchas situaciones. Santi es excelente a la hora de escucharme hablar sobre mi vida y sobre temas en los cuales necesito ayuda. Es muy bueno a la hora de escuchar y analizar mis problemas, al hacerme ver lo que yo antes no podía y sobre todo a buscar las soluciones que necesito. Despues de trabajar múltiples sesiones con él, he logrado ver los resultados y me siento empoderado, consciente, maduro y listo para seguir adelante.


        Barranquilla, Colombia

        During my coaching sessions with Santiago Barragan I had the pleasure of discussing some aspects of my life that were causing uncomfortableness. Through the sessions, Santiago helped look at this negative aspects with a different perspective. He organized various activities that would help me develop better habits to encounter these talked issues. I felt trusted and confident sharing details with Santiago since he always made me feel comfortable about what I was feeling. I gratefully thank him for his work and passion in during our coaching sessions.


        Cali, Colombia

        I found great value in the coaching sessions I had with Santiago. I was trying to find more balance in my life. He provided a space in which I could explore where my problems were stemming from. He supported me with tools to manage my priorities and look at how to deepen the quality of my engagement with whatever I do. What I liked about the sessions was that he brought an awareness of body and breath, so one was not just working with the mind but with one’s whole self. I believe he will bring understanding and ease to whoever he works with.


        Chennai, India

        An hour session feels like a second when talking to Santi. He is very friendly and has a great mind. His life coaching method is based on asking questions that lead me into introspective thinking, which is useful  whenever you need a push in life


        Jakarta, Indonesia

        Working with Santiago helped me to make certain decisions on my own, and by asking me the right questions he made me question myself about various behaviors and beliefs in my life, which I must begin to change and modify, if I really want to see the changes and live the life I want.  Without his support I would not have realized this.  Thank you very much Santi.


        Paris, France

        Accountable to the Code of Ethics from ICF