“We suffer more in imagination than in reality”–Seneca

Who am I?

I am a Colombian musician, writer, dancer, and content creator. I am interested in solving interesting puzzles of the learning process, lifestyle design, productivity & wellness. I am 25 years old, I am vegan, and I speak Spanish, French, and English. 

I have 100+ hours of experience mentoring and teaching music, salsa and bachata dance, physical exercise, and meditation. My overall coaching and teaching approach uses techniques derived from mindfulness, neurolinguistic programming, socio-emotional intelligence, and non-violent communication.

What do I do nowadays?

Since 2019, I have been pursuing the lifestyle of a polymath. I spend enormous amounts of time practicing, training, meditating, investing, writing, and reading books about arts, psychology, culture, history, fitness, stocks investing and philosophy (in particular Buddhism and Stoicism). 

I am currently obsessed with world literature, drawing, table tennis and chess.

Musical Biography

Santiago Barragan is an international guitarist and composer who has performed in Europe, South America, United States, and India. Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Santiago moved to France at the age of 18 to study with different teachers at the Conservatory of Nancy. After receiving his diploma with a special mention, he continued his studies at Berklee College of Music. He graduated as a summa cum laude from Guitar Performance and Jazz composition. Santiago was awarded four years consecutively an award from the Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation sponsored by well-known artists such as Enrique Iglesias, Juan Luis Guerra, Miguel Bose, and Carlos Vives. Santiago has collaborated with renowned artists such as Noel Schajris, Rosa Passos, Nicole Zignago, Kurt Elling, Maro, Victor Wooten, Jesus Molina, Tigran Hamasyan, Danilo Perez, Kenny Werner and Domitille Degalle. Currently, Santiago is an equity scholar from Longy School of Music at Bard College in Boston.

    What is my hierarchy of values?

    1. Internal commitment: Creating peace of mind by
      – Having radical acceptance of reality
      – Turning expectations to appreciation
    2. External commitment: Bring value to those around me by
      – Cultivating skills, knowledge, and wisdom
      – Being present in the struggle of others
    3. Enjoy this thing called “to be alive” by
      – Distinguishing what can I control from what I can’t

    What is my mantra?

    • Don’t believe everything you think: reality is not as you perceive it
    • No one owes you anything, take full responsibility for everything
    • Win the day
    • Don’t fear to go back to fix the foundation. Slow down, reevaluate and begin again
    • Integrate your shadow. Surrender yourself to your own demons. Release the resistance. Let go the need to be in control and they will disappear
    • Hell yeah or no: Keep priorities clear, life is too short to live under the definition of success by other people
    • Be thrilled to solve problems (you will have many of those until you die)
    • Focus on the big things, don’t waste your decision power on the small things
    • Don’t fall into delusion, arrogance, or resentment
    • Be loyal to who you are and what you stand for
    • Give up judgement, criticism, complains, comparisons, excuses, labels, or the need to impress or being right