Santiago Barragan Noguera

Artistic Polymath

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Colombian Coach & Educator 🇨🇴

Musician 🎸    Dancer🕺   Personal Trainer 🤸🏼   Meditation Teacher 🧘🏼   Writer ✍🏼    Berklee College of Music ‘19  🎼

“I help people reduce points of friction in their life while uncovering self-actualization through their craft”  🗺 🌎

Speak Spanish, English, and French


I am an international guitarist and composer,  who has performed in Europe, South America, United States, and India. I hold a Bachelors of music from Berklee College of Music and I am a Grammy Cultural Foundation Award recipient. 



What is coaching? 

Coaching is quickly becoming one of the leading tools and strategies that successful people are using in order to enhance their lives further and allow them to lead extraordinary lives.

The coaching relationship is a partnership – an equal relationship – allowing you room to move yet being accountable so that you can be the kind of person that you would like to be, to achieve the kind of life and work that you would like to have and to achieve the goals that you would like to meet.

My Coaching style is focused in

– Strategic planning and peak performance

– Health and wellness

– Relationship management and effective-communication

Fitness Training 


I am an ACE personal trainer with 8+ years of experience. I create personalized workout routines with weights and bodyweight to build functional strength, increase mobility & flexibility, improve motor control and reduce pain.

Salsa and Bachata



I have 5+ years of experience, done multiple retreats at Insight Meditation Society (IMS) and trained Vipassana Meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka, in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin in Chennai, India.


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Inner Circle & Outer Circle

Sometimes I fear that I am neglecting my work. I feel guilty that I am not moving towards my long term goals. Likewise, I accumulate lots of anxiety when thinking that my career will stagnate because of how little I can focus on my craft. However, it was until recently that I realized what I have been putting all my efforts into…

Can you improve your chances to Innovate?

To disrupt the “status quo” (which includes accepted norms, behaviors, products, and services), it is of incredible importance to engage in more in-depth observation, questioning, association, networking, and experimenting. All of these are essential habits most innovators utilize, following the research of Clayton Christensen, professor of business at Harvard…

The “Paradox of Choice”

In centuries previous to the present moment, life was much harder to bear. Survival was the main objective for most of the population. We didn’t have many approaches and systems to manage the threats of both nature and culture…

Generalist vs. Specialist

The cultural dogma that to thrive in this competitive world, you have to ultra specialize is, in my perspective, overrated. If you want to succeed in a single domain, most likely, you would need to be within the top 1%…

Letter for my Future Self

This letter aims to remind you that if you are reading this in 10, 20, 30 years… you are still alive. Not all of the people that I know will have the same luck. Maybe you have gone through tough challenges that I today would not be able to imagine…

Pairs of Opposites: Love vs Desire

To understand what makes a couple change their dynamic in a long term relationship, it is necessary first to divide pre-conquest from the post-conquest. The first stage is where you find the desire to have another person. With this comes novelty, adventure, risk, mystery, danger, and surprise…

Bless Your Struggle

It is easy to fixate on a struggle that makes your life hard while thinking that your experience would be so much better if it resolved itself. Most rational people can discern different degrees of human struggles. Indeed some people live more challenging lives than others…

How to develop Critical Thinking?

"Why should I bother?" "Why bother to opening a conversation and sharing what I think? After all, aren't there more intelligent people out there?" "What if someone proves me wrong? After all, having access to facts is easier than ever before…" "What if I don't bring...

The Battle Between the Experiencing Self and the Remembering Self

Have you wondered what can solve the mismatch between one’s memories and the experiences moment to moment? How is it that we can have recurring moments of enjoyment and satisfaction throughout a year and still look back and feel different about it?…

Hierarchy of Competence, Geniuses, and Social Media

It’s easy to compare your current level of skill or ability with the one of someone else. Social media now allows viewers access to see human potential. However, if you think about it, it is not like there are more geniuses out there than before…